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Whitby Lobster Hatchery

Whitby Lobster Hatchery are a charity that are regenerating an unused fish auction shed on the Whitby coastline. The goal is to create a marine discovery centre and lobster hatchery with the aim of protecting Whitby’s fishing heritage by conserving the local lobster populations.

To do this, they will release 100,000 juvenile lobsters into the sea; maintaining ecological balance and protecting the region’s lobster industry for generations to come.

In order to support their long-term goals a robust website was needed in order to support the group on their journey by providing a marketing resource for local stakeholders, funders and academic institutions. Generating income is also key and the website provides a platform for the team to sell their expanding product range online and facilitates one-off or regular monthly donations.

We worked with the team at Fitzpatrick Design who carried out all design work on this project to deliver a fun and informative platform that will add value to the organisation for years to come.

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