Real time reporting of fuel security system

PNP Solutions

Askew Brook' have partnered with telematics company Plug N Play Solutions to harness fuel data from Galileosky devices, enabling informed decision making and insights using processed and well presented data.

Portals have been developed that provides the clients' customers full visibility of their assets along with real time usage information and flagging of unexpected events. The portals are branded and produce customisable reports that can be automatically generated and emailed to stakeholders.

To address the evolving needs for in-depth reporting, Askew Brook generated interactive, real time reports. These reports don't only show where an asset is, who is using it and up to the minute fuel level readings but it also looks for trends in the data that highlights events that may have previously been overlooked. It also gives full oversight of which members of staff were using the asset at the time of the events.

As fuel usage is tracked, it also allows other data to be generated, including fuel usage, cost and carbon emissions.

Project Scope and Achievements

  • User-Centric Login: Askew Brook designed a login mechanism that employs unique portal numbers, ensuring secure access to relevant assets and tailored reports.

  • Asset Selection and Date Range: The solution empowers users to select specific assets, define date ranges, and generate comprehensive reports reflecting the assets' performance over time.

  • Customised Report Features: Askew Brook's solution facilitates report customisation, including the incorporation of site names, customer details, and branding elements to maintain a professional image.

  • Visual Insights: Askew Brook integrated visual components such as line graphs and pie charts into the reports, enabling clients to quickly discern asset trends and performance patterns.

  • Advanced Asset Monitoring: The solution introduces advanced features like detecting potential fuel drain and fill activities, providing insights into fuel usage in litres, and calculating CO2 emissions.

  • Automated Scheduling: Askew Brook's solution supports automated report scheduling, empowering clients to receive regular reports at pre-defined intervals, enhancing operational efficiency.

The collaborative effort of Askew Brook and PNP resulted in significant advancements for clients:

  • Elevated Monitoring Capabilities: Clients gained real-time access to comprehensive insights on asset performance, facilitating data-driven decisions and proactive maintenance strategies.

  • Seamless Branding: Customisable branding options for reports and user interfaces bolstered clients' professional image, delivering a seamless experience for stakeholders.

  • Time Efficiency: The automated report generation and scheduling functionality saved clients valuable time, enabling them to focus on core business priorities.

  • Informed Decision-Making: The advanced reporting features provided clients with a deep understanding of asset behaviour, enabling better resource allocation and strategic planning.

Askew Brook's collaboration with clients underscores the transformative potential of combining innovative technology, streamlined processes, and creative problem-solving.

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