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Lynx Purchasing

Askew Brook have a long track record in delivering solutions that make a tangible difference in the hospitality sector, our partnership with Lynx Purchasing stands as a prime example of how strategic collaborations can enhance business operations. Lynx Purchasing, a trusted name since 2003, specialise in guiding the independent hospitality and care home sector towards greater profitability through smarter procurement.

By collaborating with Lynx Purchasing, we have created the Lynx Gross Profit (GP) App, a tool designed not just to address a fundamental industry need but to propel businesses towards achieving their financial goals with greater ease and efficiency.

Empowering Businesses with the Lynx Gross Profit Calculator

Our development of the Lynx GP App reflects a shared vision with Lynx Purchasing: to empower hospitality businesses with the tools they need for financial optimisation. This application streamlines the process of calculating and managing gross profit margins, a critical component for the success of any entity within the hospitality and catering industries.

Innovative Features for Strategic Financial Planning

Designed to simplify complex calculations, the Lynx GP App provides a user-friendly interface for:

  • Menu Pricing Optimisation: Calculate the cost price of ingredients based on menu prices and desired gross profit percentage.

  • Gross Profit Monitoring: Maintain visibility of gross profit by inputting ingredient costs and menu prices.

  • Cost Price Determination: Ascertain the appropriate menu pricing to achieve the target gross profit margin.

  • Confident Menu Planning: Utilise the app to strategically plan new menus and specials, ensuring financial viability and creativity go hand in hand.

Join the Wave of Smarter Financial Management

By integrating the Lynx GP App into your operational toolkit, available for download on The App Store and Google Play, you’re not just adopting a technology solution; you’re embracing a strategic partnership that elevates your business’s profitability and operational efficiency.

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