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St Helen's Caravans, Pods & Camping

St Helen's faced a significant challenge with their traditional printed welcome packs. Each year, they spent a notable amount of money printing these packs, which included site rules, local attractions, and restaurant recommendations. The process was not only expensive but also cumbersome. Any updates to the information required reprinting, and ensuring that all outdated versions were removed from properties.

Askew Brook developed a streamlined, cost-effective solution. We developed an online version of the welcome pack, accessible through a simple QR code. This digital welcome pack offers unlimited flexibility, allowing St Helen's to create and update pages whenever they need without involving the Askew Brook team. Visitors can access up-to-date information in real time, simply by scanning the QR code with their smartphones.


  1. Customisable Pages: St Helen's can easily add, remove, or modify pages and buttons to keep information current and relevant.

  2. Instant Updates: Any changes made to the digital welcome pack are instantly available to all guests, eliminating the need for reprinting.

  3. Cross-Selling Opportunities: The platform enables St Helen's to promote local restaurants and attractions, enhancing the guest experience and fostering local business partnerships.

  4. Cost-Effective: Significant reduction in printing costs, freeing up budget for other initiatives.

  5. Eco-Friendly: By moving to a digital format, St Helen's significantly reduced their environmental footprint.


  1. Initial Consultation: We conducted a thorough consultation to understand St Helen's specific needs and the scope of the information to be included in the digital welcome pack.

  2. Development: Our team created a user-friendly, mobile-responsive digital welcome pack. We designed it to be intuitive for both the site administrators and the guests.

  3. Training: We provided comprehensive training to St Helen's staff, ensuring they were comfortable with updating and managing the digital content.

  4. Launch and Support: The digital welcome pack was launched with minimal disruption to guests. We continue to provide ongoing support and updates to ensure the system runs smoothly.


  • Cost Savings: St Helen's has saved thousands of dollars annually by eliminating printing costs.

  • Efficiency: Updates to the welcome pack can now be made in minutes rather than weeks.

  • Guest Satisfaction: Guests appreciate the ease of accessing information directly from their smartphones.

  • Environmental Impact: Transitioning to a digital format has significantly reduced paper waste.

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