Bespoke Factory Management System


EYJ Ltd manufactures high-quality fire-rated doors and fire door assemblies for projects across the UK. Clients include the Ministry of Defence, NHS, and many of the UK's biggest builders.

The products they manufacture have to meet strict specifications that vary from project to project. These are complex, large-scale builds on which the deliverables can change. EYJ needed a system that helps track changes to the specification over time and communicates the very latest information to the assembly line on the factory floor.

Time is very often of the essence and the entire team needs to know exactly what needs to be done and when it is scheduled to be despatched. It is also important that any issues with production, for example, low supply of stock components, are identified early and communicated quickly to ensure the production line doesn't stop.

Askew Brook created a system that allows the management team to create a project file that includes all key information and documentation. Once added, this information appears on screens around the factory and on tablets carried by each member of staff. From these tablets, the team can mark when phases of the projects are complete and everyone is updated in realtime. It also provides the factory floor with a mechanism to communicate with management, so they can flag any potential delays or notify them of early completion.

It means that everyone from the shop-floor team to the directors can see the status of each project at a glance, from their homes, phones, or throughout the facility. It also helps the company comply with ISO requirements and provides a historical archive of each project. The EYJ team can easily reference and reorder past jobs, saving them and their clients time.

“The system built by Askew Brook has been a huge success, we have real-time updates on screens throughout the factory and the increase in productivity has been much more significant than we could've imagined.”

- Joe Porter, Director

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