Sirius Minerals plc - Long-term digital support contract

Sirius Minerals are a FTSE 250 company and are bringing the biggest single investment to the North of England.

Askew Brook are providing both onsite and external digital support to the organisation. Supporting their efforts on a number of digital platforms and helping to shape their digital offering across communications, recruitment and marketing.

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Sirius Minerals plc - Multi-language Responsive Website

Askew Brook have worked with Sirius Minerals to develop a website for their polyhalite product; POLY4. The product is of interest to buyers, scientists and farmers from all over the world who each need very specific information. We needed to present a large volume of geographical and scientific data to show the benefits of using POLY4.

The website is used worldwide, with a particular focus on the market in China. The website has been translated to Mandarin and can be switched easily.

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