You may have seen or heard us...a quick recap

Andy Apeaking at Business Generator

We haven't updated you for a while, we've had lots of things going on but none seemed big enough for a blog post so we've grouped some of them together here.

The long and short of it is we've been popping up all over the shop recently. You may have seen Andy give a talk at Superfast North Yorkshire's Business Generator event (sorry about the dodgy image). The event was attended by over two hundred business owners and managers, other speakers included Fraser Doherty of Superjam and Tina Boden of the Enterprise Rockers. Andy spoke about the lessons he learnt from his first ever job as a paperboy when he was just thirteen.

Secondly Richard is appearing regularly as business commentator on BBC Radio York. Appearing monthly on the Elly Fiorentini drive time show, he is commenting on the business news of the day - first up was online fraud and an FSB report into business confidence.

Finally, we were invited to attend the Coastal Futures Conference 2015 hosted by NYBEP and the Scarborough Borough Council. The aim of the conference was to bring together schools ambassadors and local employers and training providers in order to share their challenges and experience and so help to build a strong local economy with employment opportunities for all. We found the day very interesting, we have started to get an idea of how the council expects the economy in the local area to develop over the next few years and how they intend to fill the skills gap. We also heard from students at local schools and colleges and so were able to get an idea of what industries students thought were present in the area and which weren't. As a "Digital/Creative" practitioner who tries to push the sector forward we found this interesting and worrying. The beauty of being involved in these things though is you have a chance to change them...this will probably get a post of its own....stay tuned!

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