Let's Try Informal Networking

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Networking, it's something that we have been trying to do recently but we've found it quite difficult to find anything that feels right for us in the local area. Some require a yearly membership, some require you to make recommendations every month, others only allow one person from an industry to attend. We aren't saying these requirements aren't right and don't serve their members well but they aren't really for us. We're looking for an informal, relaxed environment with food and or drinks, so in typical Askew Brook style we thought why not do our own?

Much of this is purely experimental, and we know it has its flaws but on the first Monday of every month, everyone is invited to come along to the Woodend Creative Workspace for a breakfast networking event between 8am and 9am. We'll need to charge a small entrance fee of £5 (buy below) to cover bacon sandwiches and so on.

In order to make it easier for members to break the ice please feel free to leave a note below detailing who you want to meet, be that a name or a specialism.

So, without further ado....

Visit our Networking Page
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