What's it like inside 10 Downing Street?

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We recently got invited to a reception at Downing Street as part of our inclusion in Small Business Saturday. Since we've got back all we've been asked is "what is it like?", well let me tell you (and if you're expecting our usual searing business insight you'll be disappointed).

You get there, stressed to the max because your phone decided to inexplicably run out of charge in central London (probably) to be greeted by lovely but armed policemen. You give them your invite which is a printed off email and show photo ID, they then radio ahead to see if they're expecting you and show you into a room where you are searched and shown through a metal detector. Then you're just stood down on Downing Street and make your way to the famous door and give it a knock. You're in.

The door is opened and you see a couple of hundred square compartments in which you place your phone. You have to remember the number, without the notes on your phone. Your coat is taken and you go upstairs.

The interior is very much like you'd expect - Old English, a lot of red, gold and velvet but it's the art and trinkets that catch the eye. You go up the main stairs which has a portrait photograph of each prime minister and at the very top is an original Lowry. You turn into one of the main rooms to be greeted with a Tracey Emin neon sign (David Cameron left that one) and excellent portraits of the queen by David Bailey.

Beyond that are a number of interesting things London - 2012 Olympic medals and a piece of rock left by the Chilean miners who were trapped for sixty-nine days.

The view takes in Horse Guards Parade and the food is on another scale - caviar on little backed potatoes, quails eggs and a pastrami toastie.

It was great to represent Scarborough at such an historic location and an experience that won't be forgotten, we made the news to.

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