Going beyond web design

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When we’re out and about we often get asked “What is it you do?”, this is a question that is tricky for us to answer without taking up about half an hour of everyone’s time so we tend to resort to saying something like “websites, but ones that need to solve a specific problem” which does us a bit of a misservice. Of course we do bespoke, responsive web design and development for companies of all shapes and sizes, and most of them do tend to be on the larger side but we do even more than that. As a result we thought we’d get down here just what it is we do and can do for our customers.

Integrate with third-party systems (CRM packages, account software etc.)

We love working with data and we particularly like streamlining processes. A website can be seen as a place where your customers can interact with you and your back office systems. We can take the information the customer provides, orders they place or anything else and talk to your third-party systems. This ensures they’re kept up-to-date so your information is accurate, timely and take much less effort and manpower for you to maintain. Likewise, if you need to pull information from your other systems and display them on your website we can do that too.

Automate Sharing

This is very similar to the above but we can help automate the dissemination of information across all of your social networks and mailing list. We can create a workflow that requires you to just create content and our systems will make this active on your website, post it out to Facebook, Twitter or wherever and then include it in your mailing lists without you being anywhere near your computer.

Deeper Analytics

Most people who have a website have a Google Analytics account and most will tend to use that to see if visitors are going up or down without doing much else. We can help you configure analytics so it becomes an extremely powerful tool. If you sell online we can tell you how much a user is worth, how much revenue has been has been generated from a particular source and help you understand how much of a success that marketing activity you took on was.

Opening up your data - APIs

This one strikes fear into a lot of people but hear us out. You may have a lot of data that would be useful to others or making that data available would make life easier for your team. We can create APIs that allow people to work with your data and do things with it in a safe and secure manner. For example if you take a client of ours Servertastic, their customers can get product information, make orders and manage them without involving any of the Servertastic team.

Build Bespoke Backend Systems

If your businesses needs a backend system that manages data flow across your organisation and you can't find an affordable, off the shelf solution we can help. We create backend systems that your customers may never see to help you run your organisation. Whether that’s as simple as managing customers right up to manufacturing processes we’ll have done something similar before.